Texas Marriage Guide

Every state has its own laws regarding marriage requirements, and it’s important to be familiar with Texas wedding laws if you plan to get married there. Whether you’ve just recently moved to Texas or you’ve lived there your entire life, here are a few things you should know before you get ready to tie the knot with that special someone.

Residency Requirements

It turns out that Texas is a great place to have a destination wedding, since neither you or your significant other have to be a Texas resident to get married there. If you’ve always thought it would be exciting to get married in another state, you want a western theme ceremony, or you simply have family in Texas, you should have no problem getting hitched in the Lone Star State.

Identification Requirements

While you’re not required to be a resident of Texas, you do need to show at least one valid form of identification before you can get married there. Acceptable forms of identification include your driver’s license, social security card, U.S. passport, certified copy of your birth certificate, or a military ID card. Both you and your fiancé will need to show valid identification before you can be married.

Important Issues To Address

Some couples wanting to get married will have situations that need to be addressed before the marriage takes place, such as making a divorce on a previous marriage legal. In some cases, unsettled child custody issues from a previous relationship must be resolved. In most Texas cities like Frisco child custody issues are always settled in a way that’s best for the child or children involved.

Fees and Other Requirements

Most counties in Texas require you to pay $60 in cash to get a marriage license, so make sure you bring enough money with you. In addition to this fee, other county record’s fees may apply as well. It’s important that you fully understand all the requirements and fees associated with getting married in a particular Texas county before you show up to tie the knot.